Expert. Experienced. Everywhere.

MRINAL is a group of experts in several aspects of biomedical research whose nationalities read like a flag of the United Nations!


It started as a hobby for a few of us who faced an all too common issue – helping colleagues around the world to navigate the highly competitive milieu of biomedical research to successfully address demands of innovation, networking and logistics.  It soon became clear that finding a one-stop solution to all of the above critical needs was highly desirable by the community. So, together, we’ve been working on making proven experts in these areas available to the researchers across academia as well as industry.

We’re thrilled to have a service that so many of you have been looking for! Our team believes in critical assessment of your ongoing biomedical research projects – or your proposals – while contributing to your success through adding innovative elements to your research, improving your logistics and identifying other researchers who will strengthen your research and help you network with them. And we do all this most reliably, confidentially, inexpensively and on a clear schedule.