I-CAN is intended to be a single-source support system for cancer patients as well as their relatives. It will be a place where they can talk about, and work through, the feelings and challenges experienced with other people who have gone through similar experiences. The non-trivial challenges are emotional, physical as well as financial. In other words, I-CAN will give people diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers a chance to learn from and support each other, helping them to successfully reduce stress, anxiety and depression invariably associated with cancer.
I-CAN will also be the place to discuss practical information about treatment options, what to expect during treatment, how to manage specific side effects, how to find support services, and how to communicate with health care providers and family members. Apart from this knowledge giving the patients and the family members the control and confidence to manage their own lives, it will comfort them that they are not alone in this difficult journey.
I-CAN will include clinical counselors, medical social workers, psychologists, or other trained professionals who may lead the conversation among the members.
I-CAN will also include facilitators who are well-versed with oncology, and will provide cancer-related information and education. These can also be invited speakers, such as cancer survivors, cancer scientists, doctors, nurses and financial planners, who will provide expert advice.
I-CAN volunteers will provide comfort by simply being good listeners, by reading out positive stories and through various hobbies.
I-CAN will interact with patients and their relatives online, via telephone conversations or through in-person meetings, depending on their convenience and requirement.
I-CAN is the friend you need to live happily with cancer. Together, we can!